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dr. Riza Septiani, MPubHlthAdv

Riza is a medical doctor graduated from Padjadjaran University with 10 years of work experiences in Clinical Health setting (General Practitioner) in community health centre, clinics and hospitals. She gained her Master of Public Health Advanced degree from University of Wollongong Australia with specialization in Health Promotion and Health Informatics. Additionally, she had working experiences in Public Health area, particularly as a project officer and community case management (CCM) specialist in Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP) in rural and remote area in Indonesia, and run the project in collaboration with Ministry of Health of Indonesia, WHO, UNICEF and other International NGOs. Currently, working as a lecturer at Public Health Faculty, University Muhammadiyah Aceh (UNMUHA), she is very interested in health promotion related to the improvement and strengthening of community empowerment to gain maximum state of health and wellbeing among individual and community through social action and social media as tools for health information dissemination to the general communities.

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